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Roaster extraordinaire, logistics legend, and experienced barista, Pol's the man sourcing our beans and working the roaster to make sure we bring you full-flavoured caffeine goodness with every batch.

When he's not hunched over the machine listening for a 'first crack', carefully packing the latest lot of beans, or delivering our Fernhill freshness to your door, you might see him performing around Queenstown as a professional musician.


Rookie roaster, admin assistant and occasional delivery driver, Andy helps run things behind the scenes and keeps Pol on his toes with rigorous quality control (in the form of drinking way too much coffee!)

Alongside bringing coffee to the people, Andy is also a local wedding celebrant (who'd have thought?!) Mention Black Lab Coffee if he's officiating your wedding and you might just score yourself a free bag.

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Look closely at every bag of our Black Lab coffee and you might just spot the silhouette of a Labrador... Black Lab Coffee Co. was created in isolation as we spent each day gazing at our very own black Labrador, Molly; taking her for walks and wondering, amidst so much uncertainty, what the future had in store.

With her incredible ability to run and run (and run!) she's inspired us to keep going, and in turn we couldn't have come up with a better way to honour our best-friend than to name this venture after her.