Colombia Sugar Cane Decaf

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With notes of honey, vanilla, spice and chocolate the Black Lab Decaf is roasted medium to dark with a smooth and really pleasant, lingering aftertaste.

Full of flavour but without that caffeine hit thanks to the 'natural' sugarcane ethyl acetate (E.A.) process from Colombia.

The decaffeination process here is unique, the caffeine is extracted from the coffee using a natural by-product of sugar cane, and water. This process avoids excessive temperatures seen in other decaffeination processes and leaves a coffee with enhanced sweetness which roasts and tastes much more like the original caffeinated version.


Locally grown sugarcane is fermented to produce Ethyl Acetate compounds. Green (unroasted) coffee is steamed then soaked in water with the EAs which remove the caffeine. The water is drained and the coffee is rinsed, re-steamed (to remove any traces of the EAs) then sent to us for roasting.

Until recently most roasters would buy beans made using the Swiss Water method which is a patented method that can only be done in Canada.
This meant the beans were grown in Brazil then shipped to Canada for decaffeination, then shipped to NZ.

The Sugarcane Decaf coffee is sourced and decaffeinated in Colombia and shipped directly to us. This saves thousands of food miles per shipment and means a higher proportion of earnings is retained by the farmer. Best of all, it tastes incredible.

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Roasted: Medium - Dark
Colombia, Popayan
Honey, Butterscotch, Vanilla and Spice