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Ollie Molly Mylo

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Welcome to the first adventures of OllieMollyMylo; three furry friends who always stick together, which often lands them in trouble! In this escapade, they accidentally set sail on the lake and wash up on an unknown island.

OllieMollyMylo's story is suitable for reading aloud to younger children (2-5) whilst also appealing to older children (6-8) to enjoy by themselves, not to mention the siblings, parents and grandparents (9 – 109) who do the story-reading and appreciate the detail!

Featuring irresistible artwork by Scottish illustrator Catherine Redgate, this is a story told in rhyme, for children aged 0 - 100, by the pets’ own ‘Granny’ Nesta.



While visiting in 2022/23 Pols Mum Nesta fell in love with our beloved Furr babies, so much so, when she got home she decided to write her first children's book about them.

Not only has Nesta immortalized our babies with a beautifully written story but the attention to detail is so true to each of them. Molly, our 1st, a Black lab who we named the business after, Mylo the Pug who we adopted as a very overweight 2 year old who now runs more than any of us and Ollie (Travis) the Ragdoll, the baby of the group. Travis is his actual name but for the sake of good rhyming Nesta named him after our 1st cat Ollie. 

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